Welcome to Starflix Winter Olympics!

In the 10-day challenge, two teams, working together shoulder-to-shoulder, will score points and compete for the best team name. We will follow and evaluate the work you have done constantly. Here you will always see a summary of your collected points which will be updated every hour.


About the challenge:

  • 10 top performing sales managers and 10 top performing designers will compete in 10-day challenge. Participants will be divided into 2 teams – Eagles and Tigers. Each team will consist of 5 sales managers and 5 designers.
  • During the challenge every participant will score points. Sales managers will score points by signing agreements, designers – by completing projects. The total amount of points will be the result of the team.
  • The Winter Olympics challenge will last for 10 days without any breaks or holidays. This means that you can complete your tasks and accumulate points every day during the whole challenge time!
  • The challenge will be won by one best-performing designer and one best-performing sales manager from the winning team. So the team spirit and the overall result are important!
  • Each team sales managers and designers group can choose their leaders by themselves that will keep groups power and focus towards winning!

Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Mantvydas Kairys

Starflix Vilnius

251 points

Kamil Laszczkowski

Starflix Warsaw

120 points

David Lawn

Starflix Bratislava

115 points

Martins Eikens

Starflix Riga

100 points

Aleksandr Popov

Starflix Moscow

20 points


Alejandro Abellán Pérez

Starflix Vilnius

177 points

Monika Ivaškaitė

Starflix Vilnius

90 points

Anita Suchockaja

Starflix Vilnius

86 points

Povilas Plauska

Starflix Vilnius

61 points

Aivaras Kinderys

Starflix Vilnius

51 points


Sigita Blaumane

Starflix Riga

331 points

Akvilė Okunevičiūtė/
Dariusz Makac

Starflix Vilnius / Starflix Warsaw

226 points

Marcin Kisielewski

Starflix Warsaw

105 points

Evgenia Aksenchik

Starflix Minsk

60 points

Adrian Lazar

Starflix Bucharest

10 points


Evelina Jakubauskaitė

Starflix Vilnius

156 points

Gintarė Romeikaitė

Starflix Vilnius

125 points

Danas Būtė

Starflix Vilnius

97 points

Julija Gaidelytė

Starflix Vilnius

59 points

Gintarė Kairaitytė

Starflix Vilnius

58 points