Assets are the static elements of digital marketing. It includes branding, invisible yet necessary parts of digital things, for example, web hosting, as well as visual materials like website, online store, presentation of the company, etc. In some of the cases assets are the base to land the potential or existing customer in order to inform about the products or services and make customers to contact you or sell your goods directly on it.


We can define such digital marketing assets:


Every company in every industry must have its identity – unique graphic mark consisted of letters, numbers and symbols which helps to separate company from other companies.

Domain name

To put simply, domain name is the name of the website, for example, On the technical point of view, it is an identification string consisted of letters, numbers and dashes to form the name of the website. Every professional website must have a domain name.

Web hosting

Web hosting is basically the place where you keep the website that it would be visible on the internet. On the technical point of view, web hosting server is a very powerful computer with enormous amount of disc space, connected to the internet, which stores files and databases of your website as well as mailboxes with your domain name, for example,

Website or Online store

Website is the collection of information pages, published on the internet and reachable through one domain name. Online store is quite the same, but enables visitors to purchase products or services online – to add them to the cart and execute the transaction.

Social media channels

Most of social media pages enable companies to create pages. For example, in Facebook you can have your own personal profile and create a page for your company. Same in Google+ and LinkedIn – you can have your own personal profile and create a page for your company, place logo, cover photo, provide the information about the company.


There are lots of other digital marketing assets, for example, company’s profile in business directory.